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Our  chalk nuggets are manufactured by the same people that make our block chalk . The nuggets are shaped somewhat like large pieces of popcorn . This chalk is bagged in 12oz baggies and come with 36 bags per case. This is a less expensive way to get your chalk.




We just received some very interesting results from two independent studies. On at a National Sports Training Center and another at a rock climbing gym at a National University.  Here comparison tests were undertaken by renowned coaches and gymnasts comparing  block chalk with  chalk Nuggets.  The results are astonishing and I am giving  you, below, the findings.


  1. Nuggets were found to have better adhesion that block chalk
  2. Nuggets were found to be equal with some and better than others as to skid proof
  3. Nuggets were found to be a more comfortable style for handling
  4. Nuggets were very easy to press and rub on
  5. Nuggets saved more time as they did not need to be first crushed as does a block
  6. There was less waste with nuggets
  7. Nuggets are priced better that block as they are much less labor intensive
  8. Nuggets have a much shorter delivery time
  9. When hand guards (gloves) are used, nuggets are easier to use



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