Floor Skirt #FS -142 (Call for Shipping)


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Product Description

Give your floor a nice clean finish with our 9″ wide Floor Skirts.  Attach to carpeting with 2″ hook fastener permanently sewn to 18oz vinyl skirt.  All edges are neatly hemmed.

This is for one 9″ wide x 42′ long section. Also available in standard 54′ length or, for custom sizes, by linear foot.

  • We will manufacture all skirts + or – 1/2 inch of the length ordered (i.e. a 42′ (504″) skirt could be 504-1/2″ or 503-1/2″)
  • When installing a skirt if you pull the skirt VERY taut the skirt can stretch a little and become an inch or so longer than ordered. On the other hand if you install it loosely (not taut) it could seem shorter than what is needed. The customer may need to pull tighter or loosen the skirt to get the exact fit required.
  • In order to keep the cost down, the skirts may be seamed with two or more pieces of vinyl top-stitched together. (no more then 4 pieces will be sewn together on any one skirt)
  • Model: FS-142




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