4-Section P-Bar Block G-872

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Product Description

Norbert’s NEW 4-Section P-Bar Block set consists of four smaller, stackable renditions of our popular G-870 Parallel Blocks.  Like those, each of these new 48″L X 28″W X 20″H blocks has two white stripes to visually simulate P-Bar rails running lengthwise along top corner of one side–only these stripes aren’t screened with ink.

Instead we permanently attach to covers two 4″ wide strips of white velcro pile–one each to top edge and top of adjoining side.  We also sew 4″ wide velcro pile on the opposite side at the top and attach flaps with velcro hook both sides at the bottom so any one of the blocks can be securely stacked on top of another.

This design produces an extremely adaptable set easily able to be used as 4 mini P-Bar blocks, 4 spot blocks or a set of standard height P-bar blocks.

All blocks consist of firm polyethylene foam layer bonded to all four sides of the 100 ILD polyfoam core thus providing a stable surface in all horizontal configurations.  Covers are fabricated of 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester; seams are double stitched and 2″ wide heavy webbing handles attached to ends for easy positioning.

Available in royal blue, red, light blue, green, orange or yellow.

Priced per four piece set.

  •  Model: G-872
  •  Manufactured by: Norbert’s Athletic Products



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Weight160 lbs


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