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Gaga Pit

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Product Overview

Gaga is a co-ed sport that can be played by all ages. A different way to get up and moving. AAI® Gaga pit is for indoor use at gym clubs, schools and rec centers.

  • Gaga is similar to dodge ball but played with a single ball. The game consists of dodging, running, jumping or striking the ball with the goal to be last person in the Gaga pit. Players hit the ball at each using their hands and being eliminated if the ball strikes them on or below the knee. Gaga can be played by several individual players or in teams.
  • Play indoors, simple to exit and easy take apart
  • Doubles as wide & short hurdles For ninja courses
  • Customize your Gaga Pit size by adding additional sides to expand game area for larger groups.

Item Numbers

  • 480-572 – 8’ x 30” Gaga Wall
  • 480-573 – 3’ x 24” Gaga Wall
  • 480-574 – 12’ Gaga Pit
  • 480-575 – 14’ Gaga Pit





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