Super Bar Pads #G-067



Product Description

Super Bar Pads are just the thing for teaching Giengers, Jaegers, Tchkatchevs, Straddle Backs, Stutzes, Tosses, Healys and Diamidovs on the high bar. Build up your athletes’ confidence by protecting their legs from banging on the bars. We cover our very forgiving Super Bar Pads with a soft cotton material to eliminate the “slap” sometimes associated with vinyl. 36″ long X 7″ diameter Super Bar Pads are made to fit both women’s and men’s bars. Priced per pair.

PRODUCT UPDATE: Hook and loop connector has been added to the full inside slit that allows attachment to bar, this is to prevent the bar from sliding into the slit during long periods of use. See inset photo for illustrated example.
  • Model: G-067




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