The Boulder Handspring Trainer 35″ JL-135


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The Boulder® Handspring Trainer

­The same company that first developed the Grand Canyon Bar Blocks, Mounting Block, Table Trainer, Vented Springboard Dock and many others now proudly presents the latest–and most effective–tool for teaching back handsprings.
Unlike octagons or other shaped trainers, The Boulder Handspring Trainer (U.S. Pat. Nos. 7,789,805 & 8,202,203) incorporates a unique “single flat side” design ensuring this product:

  • Stands ready for use and automatically returns to proper position after each use
  • Properly supports user throughout the full motion
  • Begins rolling only when user correctly transfers weight
  • Encourages user to snap down
  • Does not prematurely eject user
  • Never rolls over or on top of user

Of course, The Boulder® Handspring Trainer is handcrafted with the same attention to detail as all of Norbert’s products.­
NEW! Now available in 3 sizes: 25″ Mini (users up to 50″ tall) 35″ (users from 50″-60″ tall) and 40″ (users from 60″-66″ tall or taller).




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