8″ x 8″ x8″ Foam Cubes for Pits (minimum 90 per order)


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8″ Foam cubes for pits. These are top quality pit foam cubes 

* Cubes come in many colors.  dark Blue, red ,yellow, charcoal

you can mix and match colors.

You must Call 800-676-3068 for Shipping  cost on  this item, as our  site does not include the shipping in the  price listed. shipping will need to be added  and can be paid  over phone  by credit card. Shipping price varies with ship to locations and number of cubes  needed.

*Save money by installing a Pit tramp system and use less cubes, and helps prevent foam packing in bottom of pit. 

* Pit Edge Padding is also available

Note:  minimum order for 8″ x 8′ x 8″ cubes is 90 cubes. I will call or email you with the Shipping  cost  that will need to be added to the total payment.



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