Handstand Obstacle Course AAI #480-342


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Train on the best that was used by the best in the Games!

  • Don’t get fooled by cheaper products out there. Ours are built with quality materials that last.
  • Black anti-skid material helps secure to the floor and gives your hands good traction when walking and balancing upside down.
  • Mats are 3′ wide across, similar to the HSPU length.
  • Incline and StairStep are firm enough to allow proper push off for hands, but soft enough to help support a fall.
  • Firm foam allows for a stable landing on your box jumps. Great for a step ups as well!

Handstand Incline Mat is 3′ wide x 7′ long x 1′ 4″ high – folds to a 17.5″ box
Handstand StairStep Mat is 3′ wide x 4′ long x 1′ 4″ high

Shipping price is included, but will ship via ABF Freight due to size.

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  • 480-342 Handstand StairStep/Incline Set




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