Ninja Cargo Net Bag, 4″ Mesh, 2′ Dia x 8’H #NCB-428


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Ninja Cargo Net Bags are designed for indoor use and constructed using 5/8″ diameter poly Dacron rope, available in white or black. The bags squares are constructed using a 3-pass weave design and are offered with 4” or 9” square mesh. The bag includes rope loops on the top to allow for easy stuffing and installation.

Ninja Cargo Net Bags are designed to be installed over foam pits or other soft landing surfaces which will avoid injury if participates fall off. The bags can be used individually or in multiples. The bags are designed to be filled with stuffing such as foam cubes or blankets to form the shape of the bag. (Stuffing shown in photo examples is NOT included)

A Foam Cube Containment Bag (JFCB-308) can be ordered separately to help keep foam uniform and inside bag (Recommended for 9″ square mesh net bags).

Ninja Cargo Net Bags must be hung from structurally safe framework which far surpasses any weight put on the bags.




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