Triple Top Trapezoid 4 section # G-880T



Product Description

For increased functionality, we now offer this 4-Section Trapezoid with Triple Top-3 independently attachable/removable top segments as an alternative to standard trapezoid with solid single-piece top.

Use one, two or all three together; place each next to or apart from others. Triple Top segments connect securely with Hook and Loop fasteners to supporting trapezoid section beneath as well as side-to-side of each other.

48″L x 36″W x 48″H overall dimensions of trapezoid. All sections are 48″ long x 12″ high.

The largest section measures 36″ wide at the base and tapers to 30″ at the top. The second largest section measures 30″ wide at the base and tapers to 24″ at the top. The second smallest section measures 24″ at the base and tapers to 18″ at the top. The smallest section measures 18″ at the base and tapers to 12″ at the top.

  •     Model: G-880T




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